SweepStake Network - Ecosystem

Long-Term Vision - Rewarding Project
SweepStake Network is a self-sustaining token which ensure the longevity of the project, Every transaction will have 12% Tax which will be distributed as follow, 3% will be stored into SweepStake Network Liquidity Pool, that will elevate the price floor and stabilize the volatility, 5% will be used for marketing, to tell every corner of cryptospace that SweepStake Network will be the rising star project. 2% will be our events and contests prize, as it will be stored into our treasury pool that will keep SweepStake Network interesting and rewarding to all of our community. The last 2% will be stored into our BuyBack pool to make sure SweepStake Network will keep rising to a higher floor price as the time goes. SweepStake Network also implement 2 initial utilities, Staking and Lottery, which will keep the community rewarded, entertained, and ensured that SweepStake Network will be with them as the time goes. Staking will be available at launch and will be the core of SweepStake, and Lottery will support the core utility as every ticket sold will be distributed for the Prize and the rest will be used for buyback, the bought back token will be sent to Staking Supply which will increase the reward for all of our staking participant.